Logo du Laboratoire de recherche sur les musiques du monde - LRMM

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Welcome to LRMM !

Created in 1995, the LRMM is above all a centre for ethnomusicological learning, research and dialogue. It brings together professors, researchers and students interested in word musics studies and especially, in the articulation of music, identity and aesthetics. The centre provides :


The main goal of the centre is the training and development of researchers. To this end, the LRMM brings together fifteen or so graduate students and researchers under the direction of several professors from the Faculty of Music, including associate and invited professors.


The LRMM is structured to welcome and support projects. Unedited written and audio resources as well as high quality audio-visual equipment are at researchers disposal. The Centre is thus a domain for planning, development and dialogue in ethnomusicology. Financial support is received from university, government and international organizations.