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ᓄᓇᙳᐊᑦ | ᐃᓕᑕᕆᔭᐅᓂᕐᑖᑐᑦ | ᖃᐅᔨᒋᐊᕐᕕᒋᑎᒍᑦ | Français | English

Historical photo of a row of children in winter behind the wall of an igloo, one sees only their heads and they all wear hoods. One of them winks at the camera.


(ᖃᓪᓗᓈᕐᑎᑑᕐᑐᐃᓐᓇᑐᑦ) Sugluk children on top of the bank around an igloo, February, 1954. Hudson's Bay Company Archive (HBCA 1987/363-S-61/4)

ᐱᐊᕂᑦ ᑕᑯᓐᓇᕈᓯᖏᑦᑎᒍᑦ

ᐅᑯᐊᑕᒐ ᐱᐊᕂᑦ (ᑲᒃᑲᓛᑦ) ᐊᓪᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᕕᓂᕆᑦᓱᓂᖏᑦ ᑕᑯᔭᑦᓯᓕᐊᕕᓂᖏᑦ, ᓴᓇᑐᔫᓂᕐᒥᓂᒃ ᓄᐃᑦᓯᒍᓐᓇᐅᑎᒋᔭᕕᓂᖏᑦ ᐅᖃᐅᓯᕐᒥᑎᒍᑦ ᐃᓱᒪᑖᒥᓂᓪᓗ ᑕᑯᓐᓈᖑᐊᕐᑕᖏᓐᓂᒃ ᐃᓱᒣᓐᓇᕿᑦᓯᐊᓱᑎᒃ. ᑖᒃᑯᐊ ᐊᑦᔨᖑᐊᑦ ᐱᓇᓱᐊᕐᓂᕆᓚᐅᔪᔭᖏᓐᓂᒃ ᐱᓯᒪᔪᑦ "ᐊᕐᕌᒍᐃᑦ ᕿᓖᑦ ᓈᓕᕐᐸᑕ ᖃᓄᐃᑦᑑᓛᕈᒪᒻᒪᖔᕐᒥᒃ" ᑌᒣᑦᑐᒥᒃ ᑐᑭᓕᒻᒥᑦ ᐱᓇᓱᐊᕐᓱᑎᒃ, ᐱᐊᕂᑦ (ᑲᒃᑲᓛᑦ) ᓯᕗᓂᕐᒥ ᐊᑐᓛᕈᒪᑦᓱᓂᖏᑦ ᓯᓐᓇᑑᒪᒋᔪᔮᕐᑕᒥᓂᒃ ᐅᖃᕈᓐᓇᕆᐅᕐᓴᑎᑕᐅᑦᓱᑎᒃ.

Collective children's drawing illustrating a world map with annotated continents and boats representing years of ocean crossings. Human steps are drawn all around it.

ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᖃᑦᑕᑐᕕᓃᑦ ᑳᑎ ᐊᕐᓴᐴᑉ ᑲᑎᕐᓱᐊᖏᑦ

Collective children's drawing illustrating the Earth about to be struck by a huge meteorite, as well as the point of impact on the territory of Nunavik.

ᐱᖑᐊᓗᐃᑦ ᐊᑦᔨᖓ ᐊᑭᓐᓇᒥᐅᑕᖅ
ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᖃᑦᑕᑐᕕᓃᑦ ᑳᑎ ᐊᕐᓴᐴᑉ ᑲᑎᕐᓱᐊᖏᑦ

Collective children drawing illustrating the earth from the circumpolar north perspective. One can see the continents as well as footsteps drawing a circle around the planet.

ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᖃᑦᑕᑐᕕᓃᑦ ᑳᑎ ᐊᕐᓴᐴᑉ ᑲᑎᕐᓱᐊᖏᑦ

Collective children's drawing illustrating an elder woman.

ᒥᑎᐊᕐᔪᒃ ᓇᑉᐹᓗᙳᐊᖅ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᔪᕕᓂᖅ
ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᖃᑦᑕᑐᕕᓃᑦ ᑳᑎ ᐊᕐᓴᐴᑉ ᑲᑎᕐᓱᐊᖏᑦ

Collective children's drawing illustrating a smiling man wearing a hooded parka.

ᒫᓯᐅᑉ ᓂᖏᐅᕈᕕᙳᐊᖅ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᔪᕕᓂᖅ 
ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᖃᑦᑕᑐᕕᓃᑦ ᑳᑎ ᐊᕐᓴᐴᑉ ᑲᑎᕐᓱᐊᖏᑦ

Children's gouache representing a sunny Nordic landscape, with a lake surrounded by mountains.

ᐳᑐᓕᒃ ᐃᓕᒪᓴᐅᑦ 

Child drawing representing a human-shaped inuksuk with a stream, mountains and a setting sun in the background.

ᔮᓂᔅ ᑯᔩ 

Children's gouache representing a fisherman on the ice with, under the surface, a black fish.

ᑖᒥ ᕿᓰᖅ

Child's collage illustrating a white igloo on a black background, with an aurora borealis made up of colored cardboard shapes.

ᑖᒥ ᕿᓰᖅ

A child's drawing depicting several aspects of life in Nunavik, including family expeditions on the tundra, hunting, kayaking, and a fantastic creature with a raptor head.

ᓕᐅ ᐃᓕᓴᒪᐅᑦ

Child drawing illustrating a school bus driver parked in front of a school.

"ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᓂᒃ ᐁᑦᓯᕋᐅᑎᒥᒃ ᐊᖁᑦᑎᐅᓛᕐᖁᖓ".
ᐳᑐᓕᒃ ᐃ.

Child's drawing illustrating a scientist dressed in a lab coat and handling specimens and a laboratory burner.


A child's drawing illustrating the text of the title, describing the young person's desires such as a mining truck, a snowmobile, a young woman, the Island of Montreal and the Montreal Canadiens logo.

"ᐅᔭᕋᕐᓂᐊᑎᒃᑯᓂ ᐱᓇᓱᐊᕈᒪᒐᔭᕐᖁᖓ. ᖃᑦᓯᓂᒃ ᐱᐊᕋᖃᓛᕈᒪᒻᒪᖔᒻᒪ ᖃᐅᔨᒪᙱᑐᖓ. ᒪᓐᑐᔨᐊᒥᐅᖑᒍᒪᒐᔭᕐᓱᖓ ᒪᓐᑐᔨᐊᒥ ᑲᓀᑎᐊᓐᓇᑯᑦ ᖄᑭᕐᑏᑦ ᐊᓕᐊᒋᓂᕐᐹᕆᒐᒃᑭᑦ ᖄᑭᕐᑎᓕᒫᓂᑦ. ᖃᓪᓗᓈᑦ ᓄᓇᖓᓂ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᕈᒪᒐᔭᕐᑐᖓ. ᐃᓗᕐᖁᓯᑦᑎᓂᒃ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᑦᓯᔨᐅᒍᒪᒐᔭᕐᓱᖓᓗ".
ᐊᕐᓀᑐᖅ ᕿᓰᖅ

Child drawing illustrating a fire truck in front of a building with a mountain range and an inuksuk in the background.

"ᐱᓇᓱᑦᑎᐅᒍᒪᕗᖓ, ᐃᑯᐊᓪᓚᑐᕐᓂᐊᑎᐅᓗᖓ. ᒪᕐᕉᓂᒃ ᐱᐊᕋᖃᕐᓗᖓ. ᒪᓐᑐᔨᐊᒥᐅᒍᓗᖓ. ᐳᕐᑐᓂᕐᓴᓂᒃ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᕇᕈᒪᔪᖓ ᒪᓐᑐᔨᐊᒥ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᕆᐊᓪᓚᓛᕐᓗᖓ."
ᒥᖑ ᐊᓚᑯ

Children's drawing illustrating two inuksuks and describing the child's desire to be an artist.

ᐊᑦᑕᓯ ᐊᕐᓀᑐᖅ

Child's drawing illustrating a truck from the Nunavik Co-op, near a stream surrounded by mountains in the background.

"ᑯᐊᐸᒥ ᐱᓇᓱᑦᑎᐅᒍᒪᕗᖓ".
ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎ ᐊᑎᓕᐅᕐᓯᒪᙱᑐᖅ

Child's drawing illustrating a northern village with a road network on which trucks are driven. Behind one can see mountains with two inuksuks.

ᓱᓇᒻᒪᖔᑦ ᓇᓗᓀᕐᓯᒪᙱᑐᖅ

Child's drawing illustrating a hunting camp scene and snowmobile, with a house, two inuksuks and a plane in the sky.

ᓱᓇᒻᒪᖔᑦ ᓇᓗᓀᕐᓯᒪᙱᑐᖅ
ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎ ᐊᑎᓕᐅᕐᓯᒪᙱᑐᖅ

Child's drawing illustrating an artist sitting in front of an easel painting a motorized boat.

"ᖁᓖᑦ ᐊᕐᕌᒍᐃᑦ ᓈᓕᕐᐸᑕ ᓴᓇᙳᐊᑎᐅᒍᒪᕗᖓ".
ᒫᒃ ᐋᑕᒻ

Set of pendants made by children, in resin, and ornamented with motifs such as an igloo, a heart and an inuksuk.

ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑎᓄᑦ ᐊᒡᓚᖑᐊᕐᑕᐅᖃᑦᑕᑐᕕᓃᑦ ᑳᑎ ᐊᕐᓴᐴᑉ ᑲᑎᕐᓱᐊᖏᑦ

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