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Row of houses on the horizon, similar in appearance, with a river bank in the foreground, and a darkening sky of many storm clouds.

The Land

Clouds over Tasiujaq

A Land of Extremes

In Nunavik – a vast territory covering over half a million square kilometres – plants and animals have developed ways of adapting to seasonal extremes, a harsh climate and a demanding environment. This rich and complex ecosystem is also a land with resources that the Inuit people have been able to make use of, thanks to their powers of observation, a respect for nature and the heritage of ancestral knowledge.

Night photo where we see the silhouette of a man smoking a cigarette, in front of an igloo of ice of hemispherical shape lit from the inside. In front of the man there is a saw and a shovel planted in the snow.

Jakusi Ittukallak in front of Allen Gordon's igloo
Nunavik Arctic Survival Training Center (NASTC)

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